Effects and Dosage of Green Malay Kratom

Green Malay Karatom is a botanic product which has high popularity in its country of origin for I the positive impacts for decades. The product has also managed to gain popularity outside the origin for its strong effects and power.Several users prefer using Green Malay Kartom due to its cheapness and long lasting effects compared to types of Kartom such as Maeng Da. Green Malay Kartom has energetic and escalative effects when taken. Green Malay Kartom origin is Malaysia in the continent of Asia. It has also been nicknamed as “Malaysian Kartom”. The product is widely grown in Malaysia country. It is believed that the soil in Malaysia contains distinctive composition which suits directly Kartom growth thus, yield several Kartom trees.


What Makes Green Malay Unique

Basically, all Kartom are useful to the people but Green Malay is more powerful compared to others due to its high sustainability when used. Green Malay contains high concentration of alkaloids within its leaf which makes it to have a smooth power when consumed. It acts as a pain reliever as well as energy booster to the user. Most likely Green Malay Kartom suits those people who handle highly demanding jobs which require constant energy all through and at the same time act as pain reliever from pains caused while handling such tuff jobs.

Another trait that makes Green Malay Kartom unique is that its side effects are not simultaneous .The effects come gradually after the intake. User has reported that they experience its pain relieving effects within an hour, and then the energy-boosting effect follows. Compared with other types of Kartom which their side effects pops up immediately after the intake, users can feel relieved instantly but the effects also fade away immediately. Green Malay Kartom effects subsides one after another one gradually. This is what makes it more powerful than others.


The Benefits of Green Malay Kartom

Green Malay Kartom gained high reputation from its users due to the powerful effects it contains. Some of the benefits include:

 Boots the energy of the consumer for the rest of the day

 Users tend to be more focused both mentality and physically

 Reliefs from stress and pain form muscles and joints

 Enables the user to be more active in work

 Enhances euphoric feeling

 Lowers the rate of blood pressure

 Users become highly motivated


These benefits have been proven to help users especially when they are consumed regularly. It benefits those people who lack confident, determination and focus in their lives as well as those working in harsh environments

Side Effects of Using Green Malay Kartom

 Dizziness


 High level of sweating


 Lack of concentration


 One can experience nausea problems

The side effects can destructs one’s daily routine, though no cases of endergement or death have been reported up to date. It is very important to follow the exact dosage of Kartom capsule which are written in the Green Malay Kartom capsule dosage