How to prepare kratom tea

Kratom is by far one of the most popular alternative medications that people use across the globe. It has many different purposes and can be consumed in a variety of ways, but the most popular way by far is by turning the extract into a delicious tea that is full of health benefits that you may not have realized. One thing that users should be aware of that they may not be expecting is that the taste of Kratom is actually very bitter, but if prepared in the correct way it can taste have a very strong flavor that is very reminiscent of green tea.

To begin preparing your tea you should get all of the ingredients that you need beforehand in an easy to access location. The most commonly used ingredients when making kratom tea include honey, sugar, water, kratom, an artificial sweetener, and any other flavors that you would be interested such as vanilla extract. All of these items are fairly affordable and can found at your local grocery store for the most part, except for the fact that you may not be able to find kratom. You would have better luck finding kratom at a local supplement or alternative medicine office as they are sure to have it due to its rising popularity.

To begin preparing your tea you will begin by measuring out exactly one teaspoon of ground kratom extract in the strength of your choice. We recommend that you start off with a weaker blend so that you can get used to how the blend makes you feel. Using kratom leaves is not recommend for a few different reasons. The biggest reason being that the hot water could possibly break up the leaf and leave unsavory chucks in your tea that would not be very appetizing. The leaves also have no added benefit when compared to the extract and often times are more expensive overall.

You will then boil several cups of water. It is important to note that the amount of water you use will directly affect exactly how strong the tea will be. You should use less water if you want a very strong tea, but use a ton of water if you want a milder tea. The effects of the tea will be exactly the same, but the taste will be a little different depending on the exact ratio of water to Kratom.

You should then combine the kratom extract and the boiling water. Stir the mixture until the powder has completely dissolved and make sure that there are not any clumps as they can be very bitter and hard to swallow. You should then add in any extra items that you see fit. A nice combination that a ton kratom users seem to enjoy is combing honey and sugar as it is said to make the tea taste very sweet and takes away any remaining bitter flavoring.