The Golden Monk Kratom : Your Ideal Kratom Vendor

Golden Monk Kratom is an amazing and finest new company in the Kratom industry that provides extremely high-quality product. This website was established in the beginning of 2016 in Canada and now it has gained more and more funs because they offer premium Kratom at competitive prices.

GMK Kratom vendors have a customer friendly website. Their services are fast, honest and highly considerable as compared to other vendors.

Shipping and pricing

The Golden Monk Kratom vendors are emerging to be the most trusted online store. You will not only love the quality of their product but also their efficient shipping. They offer free priority shipping on all orders that are over $39.99 which is very fare especially to those who prefer to buy Kratom in bulk. Although they do not ship on Sundays, their company’s customer service people are 24/7 on standby if any issues arise with your order.

Price is standard across the board but for The Golden Monk, the average price point as a standard starting point for quality Kratom. Their Kratom powder price is cheaper than some other big vendors.

They also offer fair discounts like 5% off discount for first-timer and second timer gets 10% off for returning. Another thing that is most exciting about The Golden Monk Kratom is that they offer a satisfaction guarantee of 30 days for those that are not sure of their products.

Products and packing

Ordering Kratom from The Golden Monk Kratom guarantees you a product of high quality at all time. This is because their products are never handled by any third party. They directly deal with trusted and experienced farmers and as a result, they produce quality Kratom rich in alkaloids that will make you come back for more.

What is more exciting about this vendors is the product catalog; they regularly stock Horned Leaf Kratom which is a very rare to find strain online. They also offer Kratom capsules which is a good option for you especially if you are a beginner because you will not have to fuss with a spoon or any other scaling equipment.

The packaging of their product is very professional and discreet and it is packed in a resalable bag. They make sure that their products are unaffected by UV light by packing them in none-see through bags. Depending on the size of your order, you can receive your order either in bubble mailers or boxes.


The Golden Monk Kratom vendors will always remain a reliable vendor with quick shipping, competitive price, high-quality products and great packing. so if you are looking for a reliable supplier with good Kratom at a good price, The Golden Monk Kratom are more likely going to be your ideal choice.